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We need to talk about Eddie Pepperell

(Article vi Yahoo Sports ) Like many people in their twenties, Eddie Pepperell just wanted a few pints to help forget a tough day at the office. And like many who have been in the same position, sometimes a few pints turns into a few too many. But it was a Saturday night in Scotland, after all. Why not enjoy a night at the pub Well, maybe because the 27-year-old Pepperell had an 11:40am tee time for the final round of the British Open on Sunday and the entire golf world would be waking up early to catch the action. We don’t know if this was the first thing to cross Pepperell’s mind when he woke up with his head pounding and body aching from a night out, but it certainly didn’t take long for him to get there. And in a feat that will enter Carnoustie Golf Links lore, Pepperell gathered himself like a champion, shot a 67 and for a short while sat atop the leaderboard of a PGA major tournament. All while completely hungover. As I originally posted in my Open Championship review blog, Eddie Pepperell had probably the round of his career on Sunday, shooting a 67 in the final round of the Open Championship and finishing in a tie for 6th place. While that is a fantastic feat in its own right, he did this all while hungover from a night out on the town. Now call me crazy, but I can barely break 85 in a loop when I am completely sober and have my full wits with me. Shooting the low round on the day while having a BAC above .00 is nothing short of amazing. And to be fair to Eddie, he did clear it all up via twitter. This is why I have come to enjoy many of the new generation of players: they don't take themselves nearly as seriously as the older generation, and they go out to play and actually enjoy the game. Sure, you have some like the Rocket Scientist Bryson Dechambeau who are the worst, but overall players like Eddie Pepperell help golf reach a younger crowd.
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