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Draftkings Picks: The Northern Trust

Top guys to avoid

Rory McIlroy - $10,900

I am going to be honest with you: I am a HUGE Rory fanboy. I wrote an article yesterday about Rory coming to defend his title and I absolutely love it. The only issue is that he is hurt, like very, very hurt. I'm shocked he is playing and though he will compete, I don't think he is in the best shape to win. And the only reason you get the high-priced guys is so they win and you make bank. So unfortunately for my good friend Rory, I am out on him.

Guy Who will blow your cap but is worth it

Rickie Fowler - $11,500 Rick is due: guys, I really mean it this time. Rickie is out here watching all of his friends win majors and get paid throughout the year. Now, its his time. I think Rickie is going to go absolutely bananas at the Glen Oaks Golf Club this week, putting up birds all over the place. I really want Rickie to do well this tournament so he can set himself up for a great FedEx Cup run, and I think that is exactly what he will do this week.

Great value picks

Tony Finau - $7,300 Another week goes by, another disrespectful salary put on Tony Finau. This guy continues to make cuts, finish strong, and have good tournaments, but is priced at an around-the-cut guy. Well if you're going to price him there, I am going to take him! Finau hasn't missed a cut since May and has 6 top 10s on the year. He's been one of the most consistent players on tour this year, and this price is absolutely amazing. Gary Woodland - $7,000 This surprised me a lot, as Woodland has been another very consistent guy this year. He hasn't missed a cut since the Masters, he has had a good last few tournaments, and he has 4 top 10s on the year. It looks like he is ready to make a great splash this weekend and continue his good form. 


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