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Brandt Snedeker announces he is done with 2017

It's tough to see a great player like Brandt go down for the rest of the year. He is one of the most passionate players on tour right now and fans really gravitate to him.We saw Rory already have this issue when he announced he, "might" be back for the FedEx Cup playoffs. This leads to one of the main complaints players currently have about the PGA tour season: there really isn't an off-season where the guys can take a few months to heal up some injuries, take some time with their families, and just relax. I think the 2019 season we will finally see this: moving the PGA back, moving the FedEx Cup up, and ultimately be done before football season starts up in September. One cna only hope this is the way things are going.

PS: How funny is it that Brandt even shows the spell check at the bottom. "Are you sure you don't want to quote this? Because we have never seen a name like this before. Ever."

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